Chris Paul mourns the loss of Stuart Scott

Clippers All-Star Chris Paul says Stuart Scott's death is "a blow to all of us"

Clippers All-Star point guard Chris Paul mourned the death of longtime ESPN anchor Stuart Scott, who died Sunday morning at age 49 following a long battle with cancer.

Paul said he heard the news when he woke up to use the bathroom. He walked past the television, which was showing a tribute to Scott. Paul said he immediately searched his phone to confirm the news. He then he woke up his wife.

"Me and my wife sat there," Paul said. 

Paul said he and Scott played golf together and often exchanged text messages. He also recalled that when he was a junior in high school, Scott did the broadcast for a Christmas basketball tournament in which he played. When Paul entered the NBA, Scott appeared in the first commerical that featured Paul.

"It's a blow, it's a blow to all of us," Paul said. "A lot of us grew up watching Stu and he just transcended everything and it's a huge loss to the sports community."

When asked what Paul will remember most of Scott, Paul mentioned something that had nothing to do with sports.

"I think the thing I remember most about him was how much he loved his daughters," Paul said.

Scott, of course, will also be remembered for his catch phrases "Boo-Yah!" and "as cool as the other side of the pillow."

"He made it fun to watch 'SportsCenter,'" Paul said. "I was watching this morning and one of the guys this morning, I think on the 'NFL Countdown,' said that there will never be another Stuart Scott and I think that's the truth."

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