Janay Rice says she's 'thankful' husband Ray can return to NFL

Janay Rice tells ESPN she is thankful her husband Ray is allowed to return to NFL

Ray Rice is no longer suspended from playing in the NFL and can join any team that would have him, and the woman who found herself at the center of the massive domestic abuse scandal  -- his wife, Janay -- says she is grateful.

Janay Rice gave an exclusive interview to ESPN on Nov. 5 and gave permission for it to be released Friday. She also tweeted after the news of Rice’s reinstatement earlier in the day.

"I want people to know how much we love each other and how far we have come,” Janay told ESPN.

In addition, she tweeted: “This week I have something to be thankful for. I'm thankful that my husband will be returning to the nfl #RayRice.”

Now, the couple waits for a team to give Rice another chance. They are hopeful, Janay said. 

“We have no guarantees about Ray’s future in football, but I know that this experience has made us far more aware of what’s really important and how fortunate we are,” Janay told ESPN.  

She also told the network that the couple's relationship is "stronger than ever."

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