Japanese centenarian finishes 1,500-meter swim race

A Japanese woman who is more than 100 years old completed a 1,500-meter freestyle race on Saturday

Mieko Nagaoka probably deserves to sleep in on Monday morning.

Over the weekend, the Japanese woman -- who is variously listed as 100 or 101 years old -- became the first centenarian to complete a 1,500-meter race in a 25-meter pool.

Nagaoka swam the 30 lengths in just over 1 hour and 15 minutes.

"I feel relieved that I could complete swimming 1,500 meters," she told CNN through her son. "But I will still continue swimming ahead."

According to the international swimming federation, Nagaoka was born in 1914 and lives alone in the south of Japan. She started swimming at 80 to recover from a knee injury and holds multiple age-group records.


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