Summer of Stanley: Travels of the Cup

The Stanley Cup is making its rounds among the Kings this summer.

Where in the world is the Stanley Cup?

One of hockey’s most heartwarming traditions is that players,
coaches, administrators and other staffers from the winning team are allowed to have the Cup for a day — sometimes two — and celebrate their triumph with friends and family.

The Cup has already begun making its rounds among the Kings this summer, starting in the Northeast. Goaltender Jonathan Quick had it last weekend in Hamden, Conn., and chose to hold a benefit for the family of one of his former coaches. Dustin Brown took it to the rink where he skated as a child in Ithaca, N.Y.

The Kings have come up with a nifty feature that is following the
Cup’s movement and describes how each member of the team spent his day with the Cup. The link is here.

The Hockey Hall of Fame — which is the guardian of the Cup and sends at least one white-gloved keeper to every stop the trophy makes — has a similar tracking feature that's updated twice a week. You can find it here.

For reasons of privacy and security, the Cup’s itinerary isn’t
published. Sometimes, players choose to publicize a Cup-related charity event
within their respective communities a few days in advance.

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