Kobe Bryant on the Clippers: 'They're just better'

Lakers' Kobe Bryant says of the Clippers: 'They're just better'

Sure, it was obvious. Nothing really needed to be said.

After all, the Clippers (24-12) are in sixth place in the Western Conference while the Lakers (11-25) are in 14th place.

But Kobe Bryant gave the Clippers a big nod after their 114-89 victory over the Lakers on Wednesday evening. 

Said Bryant: “They’re just better. They have better players. They come at you in waves. They’re deeper."

It's the sad truth for a player who helped bring the Lakers five NBA championships while the Clippers were non-entities in the league.

Bryant has seen the role reversal first-hand.

The Clippers are now considered legitmate title contenders while the Lakers are, well, in the famous words of Bryant, "soft like Charmin."

The Clippers have won five consecutive games and nine of their last 10 against the Lakers. On Wednesday, the Clippers led by as many as 43 points. Big wins over the Lakers are almost becoming a trend for the Clippers. In March, the Clippers beat the Lakers by 48 points, the worst loss in the history of the purple and gold.

While the Clippers deny there's a real rivalry between the teams, especially considering that the Lakers have won 16 NBA title to the Clippers' zero, Chris Paul acknowledged there's something special about the Clippers blowing out their fellow Staples Center tenants.

"Its always a little different because we're walking right past each other to the locker rooms," Paul said.

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