Lindsey Vonn is dating Tiger Woods, but doesn't like watching golf

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn isn't a big fan of golf even though she's dating Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn is dating Tiger Woods, the world's most famous golfer, so she must like golf, right?


Well, it seems Vonn isn't completely infatuated with the game. While appearing on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," the Olympic skier was asked if she liked golf and if she watched it before dating Woods.

After a brief pause, Vonn said unconvincingly, "I love golf."

Myers then said: "It seems very different, as an adrenaline junkie it seems very different." This only prompted the Olympic gold medalist to say, "I...I love golf."

Vonn's habit of racing down death-defying slopes at 80 miles per hour in exotic Alpine locales seems to have left her a bit bored by a centuries-old game that often includes players being reminded to speed things up.

Perhaps golf could attract more action sports aficionados like Vonn with some more exciting commentary.

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