NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. would give up barbecuing to win Sprint Cup

NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. would give up barbecuing to win Sprint Cup title

NASCAR's most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. would do just about anything to win a Sprint Cup title, and that includes giving up his favorite hobby, barbecuing, to do it.

Earnhardt, 40, has 23 career Sprint Cup race wins, with three coming last season in addition to 12 top-5 finishes, but he's never won the title.

In a Q&A with USA Today, NASCAR's most recognizable name was asked, if promised a championship from a genie would he be willing to give up his favorite hobby? The answer, of course, is yes.

"I would give up barbecuing for a championship," Earnhardt said.

He was asked a similar question last year on Twitter, but in exchange for a championship, Earnhardt would have to part with a toe.

"It would be easier than giving up a toe, which is what was proposed as an alternative [last year]," he said. "That was hard, because no, I'm not cutting off a toe. But I'd certainly give up barbecuing. I can certainly find another hobby to fulfill my off time."

NASCAR heads to Martinsville Speedway in Virginia this weekend for the STP 500, which coincidentally is the same track where No. 88 last finished No. 1 last season.

Earnhardt has finished four of the five 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup races in sixth or better and sits in fourth place in the standings with 164 points.

Come the end of the season, if Earnhardt is still in the Chase, don't expect barbecue.

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