Pablo Sandoval looks like Pablo Sandoval in first Red Sox appearance

Pablo Sandoval is criticized for his appearance after appearing at Red Sox spring training facility

The Boston Red Sox made a big off-season signing when they acquired third baseman Pablo Sandoval from the San Francisco Giants. However, it seems some Red Sox fans and pundits were in the dark as to just how big of a signing it was.

Sandoval was photographed taking part in drills Tuesday at the Red Sox's spring training facility in Fort Myers, Fla., and immediately came under fire for looking overweight. But Sandoval didn't look much different from when he made the final out of the Giants' World Series victory over the Kansas City Royals in October.

Anyone who's been paying attention to baseball for the last seven years knows the difference between Sandoval and, say, Dee Gordon.

It's no secret that the 5-foot-11, 245-pound third baseman doesn't have a typical baseball physique, but he apparently can still get the job done -- why else would Boston sign him to a five-year, $95-million contract?

According to the Boston Globe, Sandoval showed off some pretty fine footwork while taking part in agility drills Tuesday, and Red Sox followers should be pleased to see their newest high-priced star showing up in Florida a few days earlier than required.

Sandoval didn't get the nickname "Kung Fu Panda" for no good reason. It would be a mistake for fans to put too much weight on his appearance.

There are plenty of former Major League Baseball heavyweights that have had some remarkable careers. Remember Cecil Fielder, David Wells, Tony Gwynn and Babe Ruth?

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