Robert Allenby talks about bizarre night in Honolulu

Robert Allenby addresses contradictory reports about a series of incidents that left him battered and robbed

Almost two weeks after a bizarre night in Honolulu that left him battered and robbed, pro golfer Robert Allenby faced reporters at the Phoenix Open on Tuesday to address contradictory reports about the incident.

"From 11:06 to 1:27 in the morning is a complete blank," he said, adding: "I can't tell you how frustrating that is."

This much seems certain: On Jan. 16, Allenby went to a Honolulu wine bar with his caddie and a friend. The group became separated and Allenby walked out with several men he had never met.

He subsequently told police that he had been mugged, thrown into the trunk of a car and dropped off miles away at a park. At least part of that account, he said, was gleaned from a homeless woman who found him hurt and dazed. A passerby put him into a taxi back to his hotel, he said.

However, several people who claim to have seen him that evening say he was only about a block from the wine bar and that his facial injuries were a result of falling down. One account has him visiting a strip club and spending thousands of dollars.

Police say they have a video recording of someone using Allenby's credit cards in the days that followed.

On Tuesday, Allenby reiterated that there is a gap in his memory and that he has told the truth about what he can recall. He asked members of the media to be patient.

"I think the first thing everyone should understand is there is an investigation going on to what did happen on the Friday night," he said. "The police will come out with the right story, so please let them do their job."

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