Settle down all, Seahawks-Packers was a great end to the NFL week

It's just football, as wildly entertaining as it can possibly be and fantastic TV on Monday night.

Amazingly, life would go on, somewhat to the surprise of ESPN's breathless anchor Stuart Scott.

Scott asked ESPN columnist Rick Reilly, given all the years that he has covered sports, if this was the most unbelievable he'd seen.

Reilly ripped Scott's heart out, saying it was probably in his top 20, noting it hadn't decided a Super Bowl or changed the course of history.

In fact, you can argue the worst thing about the night was ESPN going with the traditional on-field interview with rookie Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson.

Who wants to hear from a guy programmed to say what a rookie is supposed to say when the most improbable, shocking finish in recent memory has just taken place?

I couldn't believe an ESPN producer wasn't yelling into reporter Lisa Salters' ear and telling her enough already with the endless questions to Wilson and instead show everyone at home the full picture reaction in the stadium.

Why not soak in the glorious chaos?

And then when it's time for the post-game show, ESPN goes to highlights of the game as if there is any highlight to top the last play. We have to wait to hear from Dilfer and Young and then they bring Wilson back on set to talk some more.

Some folks lost money in Las Vegas and now have a gambling story to tell the rest of their lives. Some fantasy football owner might have won his week thanks to Golden Tate. Sports talk radio folks will never have a better Monday.

It was the perfect finish to a wonderfully entertaining weekend.



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