Stanley Cup Final update: Slice of Los Angeles in Slovenia

Kings fans in Anze Kopitar's native Slovenia stay up late to watch the Stanley Cup Final

Received an email the other day from a journalist from Slovenia, Bostjan Fon.

It was titled, "Photos from Kopitar Town."

A form of Stanley Cup Final fever has arrived in Slovenia. Despite the start time of Game 1 between the Rangers and Kings (at 2 a.m. in Slovenia) he said that several hundred fans gathered at the hockey facility where Kings center Anze Kopitar started skating and playing hockey as a child.

" ... Finished at 5:30 in the early morning," he wrote. "Almost all fans went to work directly from Hall Podmezakla, but happy and proud for Kings.

"And interesting, there was already one Rangers fan, homegrown boy, who cheers all his life for Rangers, but there was all Kings fans just joking around with him."

He expected more fans to gather to cheer for Kopitar and the Kings as the series continued, adding: "At this time, Jesenice become like little LA in the middle of Slovenia."


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