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The yule log, hockey style

Didn't get the Zamboni you wanted for Christmas? Check out this Zamboni yule log

Ah, the mesmerizing powers of watching a blazing yule log, so appropriate for getting in the holiday spirit and long a tradition on TV.

The folks at rosterbot.com have come up with a hockey version of the blazing yule log, which they call the first ever Holiday Zamboni Challenge.

Click here, and you’ll enjoy the undeniably mesmerizing sights and sounds of a Zamboni cleaning the ice on a hockey rink, a sight sure to delight any hockey fan. The rink shown is at the 8 Rinks facility in Burnaby, Canada, not far from Vancouver, according to the folks at rosterbot.com. The soundtrack of a crackling fire adds just the right touch and keeps hockey on our minds during the NHL's Christmas break.

Rosterbot.com, incidentally, is a website that helps handle the management, scheduling and roster creation of sports teams.

Merry Zamboni watching to all!

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