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L.A. County

Laugh and gawk at campy Mexican wrestlers of Lucha VaVoom -- and the L.A. women who love them

 (AFP/Getty Images)
(AFP/Getty Images)

Why: Because you won’t find this in your local dinner theater. This series of comedy skits and wrestling bouts features slightly plump men in leotards and the saucy women who stalk them. The dancers, meanwhile, are like Venn diagrams of what saloon girls used to look like: lots of leg and eyelashes like a rake. No, wait, that girl's a dude.

What: Lucha VaVoom stages a half-dozen L.A. shows each year. Developed 15 years ago by Liz Fairbairn and Rita D'Albert, its hybrid of masked Mexican wrestling, burlesque and campy humor draws raucous twentysomethings as well as middle-aged couples tired of the usual multiplex dreck.

 (AFP/Getty Images)
(AFP/Getty Images)

"I thought I'd be a millionaire by now," confesses D'Albert, given the way sold-out audiences respond to the shows in the old Mayan Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

Between matches, you’ll see burlesque and aerial acts, hula-hoop hotties and comedian emcees that include guest commentators such as Fred Armisen, Patton Oswalt and Bobcat Goldthwait.

The audience is diverse in age, dress (mostly casual) and temperament, but anyone with a sense of the absurd and half a funny bone is bound to like it.

Where: The Mayan Theater, 1038 S. Hill St., downtown Los Angeles. You must be 21 or older.

How much: Tickets start at $40. Shows are open only to those 21 and older.

Info: luchavavoom.com/

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