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Talk to Paul Bunyan amid the Trees of Mystery

Paul and Babe at the Trees of Mystery, Klamath, Calif. (Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times)
Paul and Babe at the Trees of Mystery, Klamath, Calif. (Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times)

Why: He's a 49-foot-tall lumberjack, and he has a wisecrack ready for your kid.

What: Call him the kitsch king of Klamath or maybe, given his girth and ax, you should just call him Mr. Bunyan. About 36 miles shy of the Oregon border stands this Paul Bunyan, towering 49 feet, 2 inches above U.S. 101, flanked by Babe, his faithful blue ox.

Holler up a question during open hours and he'll give you a live answer, and maybe a wink and a wave, perhaps an account of his regular Friday night poker game with Bigfoot. (Ira Glass of "This American Life" interviewed him in 2013, with startling results.) 

Bunyan is the roadside attraction that draws many a family into Trees of Mystery, a redwood theme park that dates to 1946. (If you want to keep the talking-giant illusion intact, don't look too closely at the back of Paul's right shoe.)

But there are many kid-friendly selling points. Your ticket gets you aboard the SkyTrail (a gondola that carries you on an eight-to-10-minute journey above the forest slopes) and grants you entrance to the Forest Experience Trail, Wilderness Trail, the Trail of Tall Trees and the Kingdom of Trees -- a medley of big trees, strangely shaped trees, epic wood carvings and good, clean lumberjack hucksterism.

Where: 15500 U.S. 101, Klamath, Del Norte County, 712 miles northwest of downtown L.A.

How much: Adult general admission, $16. Children aged 6-12, $8.

Info: Trees of Mystery  

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