Tustin Police, Other City Workers to Get 2.5% Raises


Salary increases of 2.5% have been approved for municipal workers in three employee groups, including the police.

The action was approved unanimously by the City Council last week.

After negotiations that started in October, representatives from the city and the unions agreed to one-year contracts retroactive to Jan. 1, officials said.

In addition to the pay raise, employees with one dependent will receive an additional $23 a month for medical insurance premiums. And police officers who are taking classes or additional training may have their tuition reimbursed for up to $500.


“Considering the economic environment, the raises are generous,” said City Manager William A. Huston, who was a member of the city’s negotiating team.

Huston said that the city proposed a three-year contract similar to the one police sergeants and lieutenants agreed to last month--a 3% raise for each year of the contract, which when adjusted for inflation could rise to 4.34%, he said.

John Adams, who helped the city employees and police unions negotiate their contracts, said that the three-year contract offer was rejected because city representatives insisted that the city have the authority to cancel the contract and reopen negotiations during the second and third years.

He said the unions maintained wanted any cancellation of the contract to be by mutual agreement and not by the city alone.

Huston said that the 16 sergeants and lieutenants agreed to the provision in their contract that guarantees increases only in the first year. Those raises were retroactive to Dec. 27, Adams said.

About 100 employees and 65 rank-and-file police officers will be included in the pay increases.


Four employees who handle confidential information, such as the secretaries of the city manager and the police chief, also will receive the 2.5% pay raise.

The salary raises for police officers will cost the city about $74,000 and those for the other employees more than $110,000.