Gym Rat

Gym Rat
Dana Perri, right, leads her Shift training class at XMA World Headquarters. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

A look at workout classes in and around Los Angeles.

Looking for a one-stop park-spin-nosh-and-shop? Start with Studio City's EvolvCycle

EvolvCycle's location in a strip mall means one-stop shopping for multi-taskers who want to work out, grab a bite and grocery shop.

In goat yoga, the point isn't to sweat. It's to have a baby goat climb on your shoulders during your plank

It's hard to take anything seriously, especially yourself, when a tiny goat is perched on your spine.

Aqua cycling: A fun, soothing underwater workout

Class takes place in 4 feet of water on bikes that are attached to the bottom of the therapy pool.

Try the 'Supermodel Workout' — the exercise routine praised by Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen

You won't build big muscles in this class, but rather a functional feminine physique.

This workout takes less than an hour, but you'll feel it for days

High-intensity but low-impact, the XO Cross Over Fitness in Sherman Oaks does it all.

This boot camp delivers one of the toughest workouts in L.A.

Barry's helped introduce the concept of fitness "boot camps" to the masses, and still delivers a powerful burn two decades later.

The 25-minute workout that will leave you soaked in sweat

This workout is so tough, 25 minutes is all you need to get it done.

It may look like an alien invasion, but HyperBody is really just a workout

HyperBody, a futuristic workout featuring lasers and light batons, has arrived in L.A.

There's just one name for yoga done to the sounds of Drake: Introducing Namasdrake

Has any hip-hop artist ever been better suited to score a yoga class than Drake, that most sensitive of rappers, that King of Feels? The creators of Namasdrake

The L.A. workout that will help you build a better booty

You know you want it -- a bootylicious butt, that is. Dr. Pilates has what it takes to get the job done.

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's hot new L.A. dance class is inspired by J. Lo

Tracy Anderson, who has Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez as clients, has created Tava, a low-impact Latin-infused dance class.

You'll burn 30% more calories with this sweaty, sandy L.A. workout

Sandbox Fitness in Beverly Grove adds the extra challenge of exercising on sand and balancing on surfboards.

In-Trinity is the euphoric new workout from the inventor of Spinning

In-Trinity, a slant board exercise method from Spinning creator Johnny G, comes to Cal State Long Beach's LifeFit Center.

On this cycling Trip in Santa Monica, the scenery is on screen but your workout is real

The Trip, a cycling workout with video projections at the Santa Monica 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport, is an immersive experience.

We tried it: The Fixx class at Wanderlust Hollywood, where yoga goes with a musical flow

Wanderlust Hollywood: Where yoga goes with musical flow

Fluidity barre classes are a breeze — for 10 seconds

Our gym rat checks out a barre class with a Fluidity bar, which can be adjusted to the user's height, at David Barton Gym.

The gym comes to you with the rolling L.A. workout studio G.I.T. Fit

The G.I.T. Fit Mobile is a car-hauler rigged out as a moving gym. Call it over for a group workout.

Are you brave enough to get off the ground with aerial yoga?

Trying aerial yoga at Kinship in Highland Park with teacher Veronica DeSoyza.

Is this the funnest workout in L.A.? Sweat like a dancer in Derrick Garcia's rhythmic exercise class

Gym Rat: In Derrick Garcia's dance fitness class at Debbie Allen Dance Academy, sweat isn't an option, it's a given.

When your workout is a pool party: water aerobics in West Hollywood

The Gym Rat: Water aerobics at the West Hollywood Pool are great for anyone.

Intimidated by all the hard-core Spinners? There's a class for you.

Gym Rat: In the living room of an East Hollywood bungalow, bathed in disco ball sparkles, a Spin class calls to the 99%

Orangetheory Fitness aims to push exercisers into the zone

At the Orangetheory Fitness studio in Santa Monica, Calif., a system to push exercisers to their maximums.

At New Paws on the Block, fitness classes let dog and owner work out together

Gym Rat: Dogs and owners can chase a good workout together at New Paws on the Block in Santa Monica

At Rise Nation class, 30 hardcore minutes of up, up, up

Rise Nation exercise class in West Hollywood uses a VersaClimber for 30 minutes of serious workout.

Yoga Blend studio aims for a community-minded, noncompetitive spirit

The Gym Rat column visits Yoga Blend in Burbank, a studio that blends various schools of yoga in a noncompetitive atmosphere.

P90X Live workout at Chino's Fitness 19 a blast of movement

Ann Alperin's P90X Live class at Chino's Fitness 19 is an effective one-hour aerobic and strength mix.

Pilates class at UpRise features a tower of power

Gym Rat: Tower Pilates class at UpRise in Santa Monica works the whole body, but especially that 'tush.'

At the Roxy: RockSweat Fitness, where spotlight is on a workout class

RockSweat Fitness fills the Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip with an exercise class set to rock, hip-hop and more.

Gym Rat: Zumba toning at Heartbeat House in Atwater Village

Gym Rat: A Zumba skeptic enjoys her first class at Heartbeat House in Atwater Village

Workout on a Gyrotonic tower gives body what it longs for

Gym Rat: Gyrotonic workout is a one-on-one experience that stretches and strengthens.

Snow Summit ski school at Big Bear turns out more confident skiers

Gym Rat: The ski instructors at Snow Summit Snow Sports School can help anyone gain more confidence on the slopes.

Gym Rat: Sharp-eyed teacher enhances Body Sculpt class at SC Fitness

Gym Rat: Instructor Sandy Campanella is the draw at SC Fitness in North Hollywood

The Gym Rat: No-nonsense body sculpting at the Studio (MDR)

Gym Rat: The Megaformer machine puts you through rigorous paces in a tough, low-impact workout

Gym Rat: Quick, effective workout on Da Vinci BodyBoard at Pilates Studio City

A 30-minute workout on a Da Vinci BodyBoard at Pilates Studio City is a timesaver that still works the muscles and cardio.

Tension Releasing Exercises shake loose 'therapeutic tremors'

Exercises developed by David Berceli can benefit those recovering from injuries or whose movement is restricted.

An intense climb at Sirens & Titans in Westwood

TRX exercises have simple premise but offer hard workout

TRX exercise uses suspended straps, body weight and gravity to work muscles. L.A.'s Uevolution takes the workouts seriously.

Reset promises a good night's sleep

Gym Rat: Reset, a cousin to meditation that was developed by Michal Gregus, is a way to reduce stress. It adds breath work, aromatherapy and progressive relaxation.

Beginner barre workout at Physique 57 in Beverly Hills

The beginner barre workout at Physique 57 in Beverly Hills uses precise, small moves and will make you sweat. Wear socks.