We tried it: The Fixx class at Wanderlust Hollywood, where yoga goes with a musical flow

Wanderlust Hollywood is a combination community center and yoga laboratory. Twice a day, the center offers a signature class: the Fixx, a 45-minute sequence of vinyasa-based poses set to specific musical rhythms.

One of many classes offered at Wanderlust, the Fixx is also the first of a two-part class called Soul Revival. Students can elect to stay an additional 30 minutes and practice deeper stretches, inversions or other sequences.



I didn't expect the studio to be heated to 84 degrees. Hotter than I'd like, it was a useful introduction to "hot yoga," in which rooms are typically 95 to 100-plus degrees. Soothing music, a wall of glass doors and a corner lighted with dozens of electric pillar candles kept the atmosphere relaxing. The 2:15 p.m. class was uncrowded and populated with experienced yogis who stayed in step with the pace and flowing poses.


Each of the two times I've taken the class, I was challenged to maintain good form while keeping up with the fairly advanced sequences. Teacher Chelsey Korus talked us through the class focus on "crossing brain meridians" by emphasizing balance, twists and stamina. With practice, it's possible to feel like you're in a choreographed dance performance.


You don't necessarily notice that the class is divided into five sections: open, build, peak, land and rest. The opening sequence aims for a range of 62 to 70 heartbeats per minute, for all students, no matter their experience level. The music is perfectly engineered to match the flowing movements and not at all obtrusive. You'll sweat.


Single classes are $23; packages are available.

Wanderlust Hollywood, 1357 Highland Ave., Los Angeles.