Homeless in L.A.

In both the city and county of Los Angeles, the homeless population has jumped 12% in the last two years.

The number of tents, makeshift encampments and vehicles occupied by homeless people soared 85%, to 9,535, according to biennial figures from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.


Countywide, more than 44,000 homeless people were tallied in January, up from more than 39,000 in 2013, the report said. Well over half -- nearly 26,000 -- were in the city of Los Angeles.

Five ways to end homelessness in L.A.

I thought I'd swing by the supermarket in my neighborhood Tuesday morning to see if I could find a woman who lives in a van that's often anchored in the store's

'Where are we going to go?' L.A. homeless sweeps continue despite lawsuit

A day after a lawsuit alleged the city was criminalizing homelessness, L.A. city crews did a sweep on two freeway overpasses.

Lawsuit says L.A. endangered homeless people by seizing their tents and shopping carts

A federal civil rights lawsuit filed Monday accused the city of Los Angeles of endangering homeless people by seizing and destroying their tents and bedding and then releasing them from jail into the cold without protection.

L.A. is seizing tiny homes from the homeless

Escalating their battle to stamp out an unprecedented spread of street encampments, city officials have begun seizing tiny houses from homeless people in South

L.A. finally passes a unified plan to help the homeless – now the hard part begins

On Tuesday, both the county and the city of Los Angeles approved far-reaching and ambitious plans to help homeless people off the streets through a combination

Super Bowl: Feeding the homeless with leftovers from gala parties

The luncheon was held just south of downtown, with about 100 in attendance. Compared with other galas in this, the host city for Super Bowl 50, the affair was

Counting the homeless on the streets of East L.A.

As Claudia Chaparro drives her car toward the census tract in East L.A. where we will begin counting homeless people, her sister, Victoria Covarubbias, points

Combing the streets with L.A.'s homeless counters

The walk began shortly after 9 p.m. at the busy Starbucks in East Los Angeles.

How do you know who's homeless?

First rule of going out on the homeless count: come back. Being dispatched from a deployment center as a counter for the 2016 Los Angeles County homeless count

What L.A. can learn from a Portland homeless encampment

My hometown, Portland, Ore., has a serious homelessness problem. Portland is often called the City of Bridges -- more than a dozen cross the Willamette and

Finally, a smart approach to helping L.A.'s homeless

The idea was to roam a four-block sector of skid row in downtown Los Angeles, but a MASH unit of outreach workers didn't get far Friday morning.

Life along concrete river hits bump for Los Angeles homeless as encampments torn down

The city of Los Angeles is trying to work out a plan for dealing with its vast homeless population. But while strategies are plotted, the job of clearing out homeless encampments goes on.

Should authorities have ignored a homeless woman's refusal to go to a shelter during a storm?

The death of Barbara Brown, a 60-year-old homeless woman, from exposure to the cold rain on skid row is just the kind of tragedy officials and advocates feared

What L.A. leaders are saying about the city's new homeless plan

A new report from city budget analysts says L.A. should spend at least $1.85 billion over the next decade to combat homelessness. Here is what elected officials and others are saying about the plan.

Will new plans to end L.A. homelessness be fully funded?

With 44,000 homeless people and encampments spreading across the region, the city and county are set to release another round of plans Thursday to address the crisis.

New cost estimates for homeless plan put L.A. officials on the spot

Los Angeles has struggled for decades to conquer homelessness, only to see the problem grow worse in recent years as tent-and-tarpaulin shantytowns have taken

El Niño prompts an outreach effort to get L.A.'s homeless into shelters

The streets were a miserable place to be as El Niño storms made their ferocious debut.

Another homelessness plan emerges. Yay. Now let's see some follow-through.

The simplest solution to chronic homelessness is also the most daunting: Build more housing or retrofit existing units. Then, for the most troubled or disabled

Plans to assist L.A. County homeless during El Niño called 'unconscionable and grossly inadequate'

Los Angeles County and its municipalities' current plans to accommodate the homeless throughout the El Niño season are "unconscionable and grossly inadequate,"

California legislators propose spending $2 billion to build housing for homeless

State senators on Monday jumped into California's homelessness crisis, proposing to redirect $2 billion to build or rehabilitate permanent housing for mentally ill people living in the streets.

Thanks to Good Samaritans, homeless vet was lost but not forgotten

He was sitting on the apartment steps in her placid West Los Angeles neighborhood, his cottony Santa Claus beard clotted and his clothing unwashed. He struggled

4 myths that make L.A. County's homeless problem worse

Some myths about homelessness get repeated so often that they become accepted as true. But with more than 31,000 people sleeping in our parks and on our

Homeless shelter in Highland Park gets city funding to stay open during El Niño

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved $20,000 to keep a Highland Park homeless shelter open during looming El Niño rains, as advocates called on

Protesters call on City Hall to help homeless prepare for El Niño

Los Angeles officials have failed to safeguard the city's growing homeless population as torrential storms approach, and instead are permitting rampant

Highland Park nonprofit takes the homelessness problem into its own hands

They began trickling into All Saints' Episcopal Church in Highland Park in the early evening, unfurling sleeping bags along the pews, beneath an abstract

L.A. allocates $12.4 million to aid homeless people ahead of El Niño storms

Los Angeles leaders on Wednesday allocated $12.4 million for emergency relief to get homeless people off the streets before the anticipated El Niño winter

Parking bans affect an overlooked population: homeless living in vehicles

In recent months, signs have gone up barring the overnight parking of oversized vehicles on residential and commercial streets from the San Fernando Valley to

With El Niño looming, L.A. has little to show in city's 'war on homelessness'

No problem has prompted more urgent rhetoric at Los Angeles City Hall this fall than the plight of those who live and sleep unsheltered on L.A.'s streets.

Glendale opens winter homeless shelter

For the first time in two years, Glendale is hosting a nightly winter shelter for the homeless, ahead of heavy rains expected to be brought on by El Niño

L.A.'s homeless, in their own words, on how it happened

Advocates for homeless people avoid using the phrase "the homeless" because there is no monolithic tribe of people who lost their housing. The details that

On skid row, an abundance of food and festivity on Thanksgiving

skid row, Thanksgiving, volunteering, homeless

L.A. official understands homelessness as policymaker, concerned citizen

It happened on many occasions. Mr. Santana would come out of his apartment in downtown Los Angeles and see the woman in her usual spot, not far from Pershing

The Rev. Andy Bales on skid row and the myths about homelessness

The Rev. Andy Bales doesn't need to read the studies to know what's what on L.A.'s skid row. It's flat-out bad -- the worst he's seen in nearly 20 years as the

Preparing to declare a 'local emergency' could save L.A.'s homeless people when El Niño rains hit

I represented my first homeless client in 1983. She was living in an old Chevy while she tried, for six weeks, to get help from the county. At least in the old

L.A. Mayor Garcetti rules out, for now, declaring homelessness an emergency

Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday ruled out declaring an immediate state of emergency to address Los Angeles' homelessness crisis, cutting off for now an avenue

A 12-part video series about homelessness in Southern California

In this 12-part video series, Lisa Biagiotti sets out to put faces to the statistics. But "the homeless" are united only in that they have no place to live. She meets people on the streets, learns about their experiences and explores the issues they face.

L.A. council declares shelter crisis in effort to help the homeless

Acknowledging the city¿s growing homeless population, the Los Angeles City Council voted 14 to 0 Tuesday to declare a shelter crisis, paving the way for providing temporary housing to homeless men and women in public buildings.

More homeless camps are appearing beyond downtown L.A.'s skid row

Homeless encampments are expanding beyond their historic boundaries in downtown L.A. to neighborhoods such as Highland Park.

What happened to L.A.'s state of emergency on homelessness?

Eight weeks ago, Mayor Eric Garcetti and members of the Los Angeles City Council stood on the grounds of City Hall and declared a state of emergency on

Compassion, confusion and resentment in a city where the homeless are everywhere

I've taken to carrying dog food in my car, stocking the back seat with the free samples of kibble I get when I buy the big bags.

L.A. council again set to take up homeless emergency declaration with potentially sweeping scope

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday is slated to take up an emergency declaration to attack the city's homelessness crisis with initiatives that could

Lessons of the street

Lourdes was 69 years old when I first met her in 2012. She was living next to a bus stop on a busy four-lane street in front of a Silver Lake supermarket.

If L.A. wants to be a world class city, it needs to stop micromanaging its public spaces

In recent years, Los Angeles has invested mightily in its public spaces in efforts to create a "world class city." From the loudly-hyped debut of Grand Park, to

Despite pledge, L.A. has yet to declare state of emergency on homeless crisis

Seven weeks after city leaders announced they would seek a formal declaration to jump on the homeless crisis, there is no state of emergency in Los Angeles. The

Teens buy $150 in hamburgers and give them to the homeless

The two teenagers had a plan: Feed as many homeless people as possible in a single day and capture it all on video.

Hundreds of homeless riverbed dwellers at risk of drowning from El Niño flooding, experts say

The nine homeless men living inside a concrete storm drain in Orange County believe they are ready for the floods likely to come raging through if El Niño

In upscale Pacific Palisades, reaching out to a rising homeless population

Leaping around his rocky beach encampment across from the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, Sam has it better than many homeless people: sapphire skies, a beach

To tackle homelessness, look to jails, hospitals, foster homes, group says

Thousands of people stream out of Los Angeles county jails, foster homes, hospitals and state prisons with no place to go, overwhelming efforts to stem the rise

L.A. County denies aid to mentally ill homeless people, advocates say

Civil rights lawyers plan to ask the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to change rules that they say illegally and systematically knock mentally ill homeless people off the welfare rolls.

Plan offers new hope for housing the homeless

One man was curled up at the entrance to a restaurant, asleep, passed out or dead.

L.A. County adds $50 million to funds for fighting homelessness

A week after Los Angeles city officials announced a plan to commit $100 million toward addressing homelessness, Los Angeles County supervisors voted Tuesday to

Ex-inmates want L.A. County to stop dumping mentally ill inmates on skid row

A group of former Los Angeles County jail inmates said Monday that a recent legal settlement between the Sheriff's Department and federal authorities will

Is L.A.'s budget crisis over? The homeless spending plan signals it is

Question: How do you know when the budget crisis is officially over at Los Angeles City Hall?

L.A. Council members in Valley raise alarm about crime and homelessness

Citing rising crime and burgeoning homelessness, Los Angeles City Council members representing the San Fernando Valley on Thursday called public safety a major

Why L.A.'s homeless camp cleanups seem to be futile

When the workers in hazmat suits arrived there wasn't much left to do.

Latino immigrants finally getting suburban-style chain stores

The Azalea shopping center in South Gate is drawing major retailers to cater to changing demands of Latino shoppers.

Homeless advocate Andy Bales, battling dangerous infections, warns of skid row health crisis

For more than a decade, the Rev. Andy Bales has advocated for the homeless on Los Angeles' skid row, where they often are the victims of violence, patient

Costa Mesa rejects calls to restore several bus stop benches and shelters

Costa Mesa officials say they have no plans to reconsider their decision to remove certain bus stop benches and shelters, a move meant to discourage the

L.A. declares a homelessness emergency; now what?

The Los Angeles City Council declared homelessness a local emergency Tuesday, and there's little question about the accuracy of that assessment. More than

How Los Angeles' homeless crisis got so bad

So how did L.A.'s homeless problem get so bad?

L.A. to declare 'state of emergency' on homelessness, commit $100 million

Acknowledging their failure to stem a surge in homelessness, Los Angeles' elected leaders on Tuesday said they would declare a "state of emergency" and devote

U.S. task force warns cities on efforts against homeless camps

A year ago, Mayor Eric Garcetti stood with First Lady Michelle Obama before a crowd of 900 in the ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza and pledged to end

Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushes bill to create more homeless housing on VA campus

Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Thursday she would introduce legislation to move veterans from the county's alleyways and sidewalk shantytowns onto the U.S.

Garcetti says housing all homeless vets won't happen this year

Mayor Eric Garcetti has backed off his pledge to get every homeless veteran off city streets by the end of this year, his spokeswoman said Monday.

Service members discharged for misconduct have much higher rates of homelessness, study says

Veterans whose behavior got them kicked out of the military have dramatically higher rates of homelessness than those who left under normal circumstances,

13,000 fall into homelessness every month in L.A. County, report says

About 13,000 people on public assistance tumble into homelessness every month in Los Angeles County, according to a new study that experts say provides the

Tiny houses for homeless at center of legal fight

The running legal and political debate at Los Angeles City Hall over how best to manage street encampments is turning to a new issue: tiny, curbside homes on

LAPD denies increase in homeless sweeps; skid row advocates say otherwise

Ken Gabel said Los Angeles police threatened to arrest him last month if he didn't clear out his skid row camp. So he agreed to walk with an officer to a nearby

L.A.'s voided law against sleeping in cars costs it $1.1 million in legal fees

The city of Los Angeles agreed Wednesday to pay $1.1 million to lawyers who successfully challenged a municipal ordinance prohibiting homeless people from

Homeless could get minor citations cleared if they accept services

Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer has announced a $270,000 program to wipe homeless people's records clean of minor citations if they accept job training, drug

A dose of reality on homelessness

Four years ago, after a long and desperate search for housing in San Francisco, I moved my daughter into a studio apartment on a seedy stretch of Market Street,

Alice Callaghan: Pushing out the homeless isn't a solution

The mantra in the real estate biz is location, location, location. It's pretty much the same thing in Alice Callaghan's line of work -- housing, housing,

L.A. County has its most accurate count yet of its homeless population

It was a balmy night in January when the team of four young professionals struck out from South El Monte City Hall to walk the dark streets of unfamiliar

Why most of the $100 million L.A. spends on homelessness goes to police

A report showing that more than half the $100 million the city of Los Angeles spends each year on homelessness goes to police demonstrates that the city is

U.S. must do more to reduce homelessness among female veterans

Ginger Miller served in the U.S. Navy as a bosun's mate, receiving a medical discharge for an in-service accident. Although her service skills didn't readily