President O, with a Beat poetic beat

At Cheviot Hills Park, President Obama walks from Marine One to a waiting car to take him to visit the family of the TSA agent shot to death on duty at LAX, and then to Beverly Hills fundraising events.
(Pablo Martinez Monsisvais / Associated Press)

The small group of reporters covering the president at particular events, in order to report them back to the larger group of White House reporters, is called the “pool.” The Times’ Kate Linthicum has been in the pool covering President Obama’s visit to Southern California, and herewith are the great liberties taken by me to edit her tidy prose reports into … a Beat poem.


Marine One at a baseball diamond in Cheviot Hills — motorcade! Quick! Past the office towers lining Avenue of the Stars!



Fundraiser, Beverly Park. Steep, well-groomed streets.

People, clustered. Some support. Protesters, shouting.

Magic Johnson’s cream-colored mansion — tall shrubs, circular driveway. Heated tent on tennis court.


Johnson lives with HIV.

Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Keaton reportedly there — though I didn’t see them.

Tickets? $2,500 to $15,000 — a 17-minute speech.

Motorcade, short drive.

The house of Haim Saban. Disneyesque. Man-made lakes, lighted sculptures of wildlife.

We are now holding.


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