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Basketball player Aaron Hinson of Chavez tries football for first time since he was sixth-grader

Aaron Hinson, a starting guard for the Chavez basketball team, will try football in his senior year. He hasn’t played since sixth grade.
(Eric Sondheimer / Los Angeles Times)

At a time when high schools have been experiencing difficulties trying to attract players to come out for football, Chavez High in San Fernando is welcoming with open arms the arrival of basketball standout Aaron Hinson.

A senior guard, Hinson hasn’t played football since he was in sixth grade. But there he was on Saturday wearing protective head gear while playing receiver in a seven on seven competition at El Camino College. You could tell he was just learning, for he had to figure out how to get down field when one of the opposing corners employed aggressive press coverage trying to prevent him from even getting off the line of scrimmage.

Hinson, 5 feet 10, scored 30 points in a basketball game against Monroe last season. He decided he wanted to try football again because people were commenting how well he could catch passes. He had a touchdown catch early on Saturday.

Coach Rodrigo Nunez said he is encouraged by Hinson’s early enthusiasm and determination. It’s challenging sometimes to get a school’s best athletes to play in more than one sport.


Of course, the real test for Hinson will come in the fall when shoulder pads come on and he’s getting tackled.

“Everything changes when the helmet goes on,” Nunez said.

For now, Chavez can’t wait to let their basketball standout show what he can do on the football field this fall.

And let’s hope more athletes from other sports give football a chance.


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Basketball player at Chavez gives football a chance

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