Grammys 2015: Madonna bares a lot in burlesque matador look

The early reaction to Madonna's Grammy outfit has been swift and vicious

Madonna has arrived at the Grammys wearing what can be described only as a burlesque matador look by Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci.

This look is loony-tunes — epaulets, pushed up bosom, over-the-knee boots, fringe-trimmed corset AND a black veil and hat. Wow.

Early reaction on Twitter was swift and vicious. “Looks like she’s prepping to skate a long program,” wrote New York magazine’s the Fug Girls. “We don’t know what looks more strained — Madonna’s bust or her face,” Tweeted style bloggers Tom and Lorenzo. “Better in a bullring,” wrote Toronto-based journalist Lisa Tant.

For my two cents, this look gives me the same uneasy feeling as walking in on the parents in the bedroom.

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But it does follow the spirit of Madonna’s new video “Living for Love,” released last week on Snapchat, in which she dances with minotaurs and wears several matador-themed outfits, including a toreador jacket by Jeremy Scott.

Regardless of the final verdict, it was one heck of an entrance. Way to take the Grammys fashion bull by the horns.

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