UFC champ Miesha Tate says she sympathizes with Ronda Rousey: 'I know how hard it is'

UFC stars Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey have never exactly been best of friends.

But Tate said Thursday on "The Jim Rome Show" that she felt some compassion toward Rousey, who has admitted having suicidal thoughts in the aftermath of losing her UFC bantamweight belt to Holly Holm in November.

“I felt bad in a way, because I sympathize for [Rousey] in those emotions of feeling so down," said Tate, who claimed the bantamweight belt by beating Holm on Saturday at UFC 196. "I’ve never been to the point where I’ve considered taking my own life over this sport, but I have been down to the point where I felt like my soul was dead. So I can sympathize with that, and I know how hard it is.”

Tate is 0-2 against Rousey, including a loss by third-round submission in a title bout at UFC 168.

“When you lose, it’s really, really hard. It’s really devastating, and I understand what she’s going through, because I’ve been there before, and we all go through those things in life," Tate said. "Those emotions, you get that when you get down and out and you get knocked down and get kicked while you’re down, and you just got to kind of pick yourself up by the boot straps, put one foot in front of the other, and that’s the reason why I’m the world champion today."

UFC President Dana White has said Tate will get a third shot at Rousey. But Tate said she's not even sure if Rousey can find the will to fight anymore. "What I don’t recognize in Ronda is the will to build herself back up from this breaking point,” Tate said.

“She hit such a low, and I haven’t heard her say the things that I would want to hear someone say if they really wanted to come back from something like that. ...

"What I’m looking to hear is, 'I’m going to come back better, I’m going to come stronger, I will be the champion again.' I haven’t heard her say those things, so it makes me really wonder where is her mind at."

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