2007-10-02 13:29:17.0 fabio: this won't be phil's last, this will be the year when the kobynum era will born and it will be 4life brother

2007-10-02 13:29:30.0 Elle: No, oh no please just say no to Ron, just say NO!

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2007-10-02 13:29:34.0 a fan: that'd be f'in sweet

2007-10-02 13:29:39.0 dp: 9 rings is not the right coach for this team, can it be any clearer after last season?

2007-10-02 13:29:45.0 Lakers!!!: I hope, believe me

2007-10-02 13:29:53.0 Brian Kamenetzky: Only if they feel they have to move him, and I'm not sure that's the best offer they could get. A lot depends on Artest.

2007-10-02 13:29:59.0 naz_21: Phil can deal with

2007-10-02 13:30:03.0 naz_21: Artest

2007-10-02 13:30:07.0 Brian Kamenetzky: I don't think they'd like the Vlad Rad part.

2007-10-02 13:30:10.0 Elle: Can the fans?

2007-10-02 13:30:19.0 a fan: who do you think has made the most off-season progresson this team?

2007-10-02 13:30:28.0 Elle: Deal with Ron, I mean

2007-10-02 13:30:29.0 naz_21: well who else would they take with Kwame?\

2007-10-02 13:30:34.0 Andrew Kamenetzky: Naz.. i think the Lakers would make that trade. I don't know if the Kings would. I doubt they'd want Vlad's contract and, at least right now, I hear they're happy with Ron Ron. But check back in a week week.

2007-10-02 13:31:33.0 Brian Kamenetzky: fan- Having not seen anyone play, it's impossible to say. Cook and Bynum look like they've gotten themselves in better shape, for sure. What that means, I have no idea.

2007-10-02 13:31:45.0 theishy: Who do you both see as the team's wildcard this year? Is it Andrew? Kwame? Do you guys see Crittenton getting minutes this year like Jordan did last year?

2007-10-02 13:32:05.0 Administrator2: Hi folks-- if you've asked a question and it hasn't appeared yet, hold tight-- we'll get to it ASAP!

2007-10-02 13:32:23.0 dp: yeah but are the Kbros in great shape for the season?

2007-10-02 13:32:57.0 naz_21: At least

2007-10-02 13:32:58.0 naz_21: Andrew doesn't suffer from mental breakdowns like sure handed KWAME