The Times' Major League Baseball rankings

The Cardinals are still the top team in the MLB despite being the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation

Last week's ranking in parentheses, statistics are through Friday's games:

1. ST. LOUIS: The Cardinals lead the league in grit, wins and FBI investigations. (1)

2. KANSAS CITY: The Royals limit their hacking to the All-Star game vote. (3)

3. PITTSBURGH: Former UCLA star Gerrit Cole has a league-best 11 wins. (4)

4. HOUSTON: The front office is changing all their passwords from WeLoveDallasKeuchel60 to something less obvious. (7)

5. DODGERS: Most useful info to hack into isn’t the pitchers’ game plans but the Dodgers’ bank account. (2)

6. TAMPA BAY: In the past year, the Rays lost a general manager, manager and ace. They lead the division. (11)

7. TEXAS: Would be the season’s biggest overachiever, if not for the division-leading Astros. (13)

8. N.Y. YANKEES: Alex Rodriguez’s steroid-tainted 3,000th hit was caught by a mercenary home run catcher. Fitting. (6)

9. MINNESOTA: The latest big prospect call-up, Byron Buxton, tripled for his first major league hit. (8)

10. TORONTO: Here come the Blue Jays, who are moving up thanks to an 11-game winning streak. (12)

11. N.Y. METS: Here’s a worthy hacking target: the Mets’ amateur pitching scouting. (10)

12. CHICAGO CUBS: Or the Cubs’ amateur hitting scouting. Newest slugger Kyle Schwarber made his debut Tuesday. (5)

13. ANGELS: Albert Pujols is looking like his old self. He hit .354 with 12 home runs and 25 RBIs over 21 games. (15)

14. SAN FRANCISCO: If not for the Dodgers, the Giants wouldn’t be over .500. (9)

15. BALTIMORE: The Orioles won four series in a row to get into the American League East race. (16)

16. WASHINGTON: The only thing separating Max Scherzer from two straight no-hitters was a broken-bat single. (14)

17. ARIZONA: Weekly Paul Goldschmidt update: He hit .417 with two homers in the seven days since last rankings. (23)

18. DETROIT: Miguel Cabrera recently eclipsed 1,400 RBIs and 400 home runs with a career .321 average — and he’s still 32. (18)

19. ATLANTA: Matt Wisler was the first Braves starter with an eight-inning debut since John Smoltz, according to ESPN. (21)

20. CINCINNATI: There should be lots of juicy Johnny Cueto trade conversations to hack into right about now. (19)

21. CLEVELAND: The day after the Cavaliers lost in the NBA finals, the Indians lost 17-0. Sorry, Cleveland fans. (22)

22. SAN DIEGO: The Padres lost four of five after firing Bud Black. The manager wasn’t the problem. (17)

23. SEATTLE: In the past 10 games, the Mariners have lost 6-0, 7-0, 10-0 and 13-0. Maybe Edgar Martinez will help. (26)

24. MIAMI: Giancarlo Stanton is on pace for 59 home runs and 148 RBIs. (25)

26. OAKLAND: Maybe the A’s were too busy watching the Warriors to focus on baseball. (28)

25. BOSTON: Maybe the Cardinals hacked Pablo Sandoval’s Instagram account. He was using it during a game. (27)

27. COLORADO: For the second time this season, the Rockies have gone 10 games with one win or fewer. (24)

28. CHICAGO WHITE SOX: Chris Sale has gone six starts with 10 or more strikeouts — and the Sox are still falling. (20)

29. MILWAUKEE: The Brewers have had four losing streaks this season of five games or longer. (29)

30. PHILADELPHIA: Phillies don’t have to bother changing passwords. They don’t have anything worth hacking. (30)

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