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All-Star game: Who are the three greatest shortstops of all time?

It's All-Star week in Major League Baseball, and what better way to celebrate than to pick the greatest baseball players in history to form the greatest All-Star team of all time. OK, a week in Hawaii would be a better way to celebrate, but this is the best I can do.

Polls will go up hourly Tuesday in Sports Now asking you to pick the best players in baseball history at each position. How will we get the list of players? To make the list, you must be one of the following:

1. A member of the Hall of Fame or

2. One of the top 10 in WAR at your position

WAR is wins above replacement player and is a metric that credits you with your contributions on offense and defense. The WAR for each player is listed in parentheses next to their name in the poll. But don't just blindly vote for the top three. Roy Campanella's WAR was hurt because his career was cut short by his car accident. So go with your instincts and knowledge of baseball. WAR is just a good starting point. If a player's WAR is unavailable, or if he was a Negro Leagues player, there will be no number next to his name.

Note: For players who starred at multiple positions, they will be listed at the position at which they played the most games.

The schedule of polls:

7 a.m.: catcher; 8 a.m.: first base; 9 a.m.: second base; 10 a.m.: third base; 11 a.m.: shortstop; noon: left field; 1 p.m.: centerfield; 2 p.m.: right field; 3 p.m.: right-handed starter; 4 p.m.: left-handed starter; 5 p.m.: closer.

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