Clippers set franchise record, winning six of seven games on trip

The Clippers set a franchise record for most road wins over a seven-game span with victory over Jazz

The Clippers won six of their seven games on their road trip, setting a new franchise record for most wins in that number of away games.

"I think it shows a lot of heart and a lot of character," Jamal Crawford said after the team's 112-96 win over the Utah Jazz. "It shows our growth for sure. We’ve kind of found our identity and how we’re going to play on both ends of the floor. Hopefully it can be a great starting point for us.”

The Clippers are now 7-2 on the road, 4-3 at home. They've won four games in a row, and over the course of their 12-day trip, their only loss was to the Memphis Grizzlies (107-91).

Before the trip began, the team was struggling with trust issues. At the time Clippers Coach Doc Rivers said he was looking forward to playing so many away games.

"I think it is an opportunity to find yourself," Rivers said Nov. 18. "You can also lose yourself on the road. So we’ll see.”

The Clippers went on to beat the Orlando Magic (114-90), the Miami Heat (110-93), the Charlotte Hornets (113-92), the Detroit Pistons (104-98), the Houston Rockets (102-85) and the Jazz.

They are averaging nearly 10 more points on the road (107.6) than at home (98.9).

"I thought defensively we grew the most," Rivers said. "I think offensively we have been pretty good lately anyway. I think our defense is just getting better and better. You can hear the talk now. Guys are in the right spots. They trust each other. When you do that you get a lot of stops.”

The Clippers return to Staples Center on Monday to play the Minnesota Timberwolves.



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