Clippers forward Matt Barnes fined $25,000 by NBA

Barnes kicked a water bottle into the stands and yelled obscenities at fans during Clippers loss at Washington

Matt Barnes was fined $25,000 by the NBA on Saturday for kicking a water bottle into the stands during the Clippers’ game at Washington on Friday night and for “directing profane language at fans.”

Barnes had left the game with 2:09 left in the fourth, already frustrated with his and the team’s play when he kicked a water bottle into the stands.

After Barnes kicked the water bottle, the water sprayed onto the fans. One fan screamed and swore at Barnes.

Barnes yelled obscenities back at the one fan and at the others yelling at him.

The Clippers lost, 104-96, to the Wizards.

Barnes had 11 points in the game.

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