Clippers' Doc Rivers says favoritism won't be an issue with son Austin

A trade sending Austin Rivers to Clippers to play under his father, Doc, is expected to be finalized Thursday

A trade that would send Austin Rivers to the Clippers to play under his father, Doc Rivers, is expected to be finalized Thursday.

It would be the first time in NBA history that a son will play for his father.

When a reporter recently asked Rivers whether he worries that he'll show Austin favoritism or, perhaps, go the other direction and be especially hard on his son, Rivers said he doesn't anticipate that being an issue.

"I probably show favoritism to Blake and Chris," Rivers said. "I love my son, but I think I'm still going to favor Blake and Chris."

Rivers acknowledged that there will probably be someone who isn't pleased by that pecking order.

"The only one who would be upset at that is Kris Rivers," the coach said of his wife, Kristen.

The younger Rivers, 22, averaged 6.8 points, 2.5 assists and 1.9 rebounds in 22 minutes per game for the Pelicans this season. He was the 10th overall pick in 2012 after spending one year at Duke.

The expected trade will likely involve a third team, and some combination of Clippers' guard Jordan Farmar and/or forwards Reggie Bullock and Chris Douglas-Roberts. The Clippers would be bringing in Austin Rivers with the hope of revitalizing their languishing bench.

The Clippers' coach said that he doesn't think that his son will have any issues with playing for him.

"I think players play, they just go out and play," he said.

And, he said, he's had a bit of experience. 

"I've coached my daughter," Rivers said with a smile.


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