A look at quarterbacks picked by the Rams in past first rounds of the NFL draft

The Rams’ trade with the Tennessee Titans for the top pick in the NFL draft puts them in position to select a quarterback who can lead them into the future.

Whether it will be North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz or California’s Jared Goff remains to be determined.

It would mark the seventh time in franchise history that the Rams select a quarterback in the first round.

In 2010, the Rams took Sam Bradford from Oklahoma with the top pick.

It was the first time they selected a quarterback in the first round since 1964, when they chose Utah State’s Bill Munson.

In 1963, the Rams drafted Oregon State’s Terry Baker with the first overall pick. The year before, they had chosen North Carolina State’s Roman Gabriel with the second pick.

In 1952, they chose Vanderbilt’s Billy Wade with the top pick. Three years earlier, they drafted Virginia Military Institute’s Bobby Thomason, seventh overall.

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