Watch a kid from the stands win a point off Roger Federer

Roger Federer loses a point to a kid from the stands during an exhibition match at Madison Square Garden

Roger Federer has won more Grand Slam titles than anyone in men's singles history. He's currently No. 2 in the world rankings and is considered by some to be the greatest tennis player ever.

And some kid from out of the stands won a point off him this week.

It happened Tuesday at Madison Square Garden during festivities marking World Tennis Day. Federer was playing Grigor Dimitrov in an exhibition match, when a boy who looked to be about 12 emerged from the stands to challenge Federer.

Dimitrov was more than happy to give the hoodie-clad youngster a shot and even switched rackets with him.

Turns out the kid was pretty good. He returned Federer's serve and two other shots before drawing the seven-time Wimbledon champ toward the net -- and sending a perfect lob over his head to take the point.

Call me crazy, but it looks like Federer is a bit stunned by the development. But he's also a great sport about it.

The crowd was delighted and so was Dimitrov, who high-fived the boy before switching rackets again and getting back to the business at hand.

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