Payback for Bud

Maybe, just maybe, there is such a thing as karma. For years, Bud Selig and the MLB owners tacitly condoned, if not encouraged, the use of performance-enhancing drugs to reap the revenue benefits generated by ever-increasing offensive statistics. For years, Donald Fehr perpetuated the use of PEDs by his intransigent refusal to accept drug testing to reap the benefits of mega-million-dollar contracts for the pumped-up players.

So now for years they all can twist in the wind as the names of fallen icons are released, a few at a time, from the infamous '03 list of positive tests. They're all getting what they deserve.

Tom Mueller

La Crescenta


I'm not defending Pete Rose, but Bud Selig has control over his reinstatement? That is a joke in itself.

Bud Selig has knowingly stood by and done nothing while drug cheats destroyed baseball. If anybody should be suspended permanently from baseball, it is him. He has damaged the game far more than Rose ever could or did.

Something tells me that in 20 years, Rose will be in the Hall of Fame and Selig will be looked at as baseball's biggest embarrassment.

Scott Bryant

Lake Forest

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