Cartoon Network’s new VR game will let players pick a cosmic journey


Cartoon Network Studios has unveiled new immersive story experiences.

Announced Tuesday, “Cartoon Network Journeys VR” is a new virtual reality game that will allow players to experience the stories of a one-winged bee, a court jester and a potential Supreme Being after an encounter with a traveling wizard in a cosmic desert oasis. After meeting with Gormlorm (voiced by Reggie Watts), who serves as a guide through the game’s multiverse, players can explore the stories in three different dimensions: “Beyond Beeville,” “Jest to Impress” and “Kosma Kwest.”

Each of the three experiences is imbued with a distinct charm from its art, stories and gameplay.

In “Beyond Beeville,” players will venture as a one-winged bee that must save its colony from collapse. Joined by pollen companion Penny, players will hop from flower to flower while exploring the garden, solving puzzles and discovering the secrets beyond the hive.


“Jest to Impress” will see players assume the role of a court jester who must keep the king and his court entertained. Everything is fine as long as the king is laughing, but if the jester’s comedic attempts fail to land, they can expect to meet their doom.

Kosma the Supreme Being is looking for a successor in “Kosma Kwest.” The player has been summoned to complete four lessons of the cosmos to prove he or she has what it takes to sit on the celestial throne.

Multiple teams of artists and animators collaborated on the project through a series of workshops at the Burbank studio’s VR lab, where each team became better acquainted with VR animation and storytelling tools. The VR lab is Cartoon Network Studios’ latest initiative for artists to grow personally and professionally both within the studio and the community.

Compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, “Cartoon Network Journeys VR” will be available for free on Steam on Oct. 1.