Ewert and the Two Dragons faced bad luck before Friday’s L.A. date


Ewert and the Two Dragons’ new album, “Circles,” opens with the line, “And I never thought I’d find my way home.” It’s a question the band members are likely asking themselves as they head to Los Angeles for the conclusion of their tour.

Thursday night, during a gig at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, someone broke into the Estonian indie-rock band’s tour van. Gone? Their in-ear monitors, laptop featuring unreleased music, an iPad and $2,000 in cash from tour guarantees and merch sales.

Gifts for lead singer Ewert Sundja’s daughters were also pilfered, so the karma gods will be mighty vengeful.


And it gets worse.

The perp also took their passports, which could have made getting back to their native country a challenge.

“Luckily we have a consul in L.A. and can get a temporary document in order to get back home. That’s a good thing,” Sundja said on the phone as the band traveled to L.A. on Friday ahead of their show at Hotel Café (and after getting their window repaired).

“We’ll probably make adjustments in our routine,” Sundja said. “What to leave and what not to leave. We’ve been lucky [in the past].”

Adding to the irony, a previous U.S. tour also ended with a mishap for the band. Their last run, in 2012, ended in New York in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, leaving them stuck in their hotel for more than three days without electricity and water.

Back-to-back disasters won’t deter them from returning to the States again.

“We’re more ferocious than ever,” Sundja said. “It won’t hold us down. At the end of the day, it’s small. Nobody got hurt or anything like that. It’s just stuff.”

Ewert and the Two Dragons’ gig at Hotel Café concludes its North American tour.

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