Comfort by the spoonful: 15 of our favorite bread pudding recipes

With autumn officially underway, cooler temperatures are not far behind. Which has us thinking comfort foods.

From there, it’s a short leap to bread pudding.

There are as many variations on bread puddings as there are moms. (No insult to dads, of course. But bread pudding seems to be a mom thing. Dads are more rice pudding. At least that’s how it broke down in my house.)

PHOTOS: 15 of our favorite bread pudding recipes


Even still, you might be surprised at the variety of bread puddings we found when we pored over the L.A. Times Test Kitchen’s archives as you can see as you flip through the photo gallery above. (You’ll find recipe links embedded in the pop-up captions.)

The recipes tend toward the sweet: We’ve got a sweet potato bread pudding and a caramelized banana bread pudding that some say tastes just like a Banana Foster, and a white chocolate bread pudding that you make in a slow cooker (and then drizzle with a caramel sauce!)

But we’ve included some savory bread puddings as well, including one chock full of veggies and Gruyère cheese, and a corn and brown butter bread pudding that would go nicely at a holiday table, as well as one so hearty — it’s made with bacon and dandelion greens — that you can serve it alongside a salad and call it dinner.

What’s your favorite kind of bread pudding?



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