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Inglewood gunman has a criminal history, police say

A gunman who opened fire on police and was holding two females hostage at an Inglewood home is a 45-year-old with a criminal history, authorities said Wednesday night.

The man was holding his girlfriend and her daughter hostage inside the home in the 10700 block of 5th Avenue, said Lt. Dave Dolson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

He did not provide details on the gunman's criminal history.

The tense standoff began about 12:30 p.m. after the gunman tried to drag the daughter, believed to be about 14 years old, by her hair outside the home, according to police.

Crisis negotiators were talking to the man but were not sure what he wanted, Dolson told reporters at the scene. Authorities said they were not sure if the man had made threats against the two females inside the home.

As the officers arrived, the gunman opened fire from inside the home, said Lt. Oscar Mejia of the Inglewood Police Department.

Officers shot back as multiple rounds could be heard, according to witnesses.

A male officer was shot once in the chest, but he was "saved by his bulletproof vest," Mejia told reporters.

The wounded officer was pulled out of the line of fire by other officers who swarmed the scene, according to Mejia.

He said a female officer was injured when she apparently fell while trying to help the wounded officer.

Both of the injured officers have been with the department for at least 10 years, Mejia said.

The two officers were taken to hospitals. The woman was later released, and the officer who was shot was being transferred Wednesday evening to a second hospital for additional treatment.

Neighbors said they were startled Wednesday afternoon when they hear screaming followed by multiple gunshots.

Walter Maye, 70, walked outside his home and saw officers converging on a residence three doors away.

"I went inside and that's when I heard the gunshots," Maye said. "I thought: God what is going on?"

"There were quite a few shots; I'd say 15," he added

Maye said that at one point, he saw neighbors evacuating, so he decided to do the same. Standing at 5th Avenue and 104th street Wednesday night, he watched other residents being escorted out of the neighborhood by officers. "It's a shame," he said.



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