Football: The blocked punt that changed the Marmonte League


It was 12 years ago in the Coliseum in the City Section championship game between Dorsey and Taft that I last saw a team block a punt in the final seconds to win a game. Dorsey blocked the Taft punt with seven seconds left and recovered it in the end zone for a 19-14 win.

On Friday night, there I was at Westlake High. There was 22 seconds left. All Oaks Christian needed to do was get its punt off. There was a high snap and Westlake's Chase Jasmin broke through the middle to make the block. Lexi Isham picked up the ball and ran 32 yards for the touchdown and a 39-36 victory in the Marmonte League championship game.

As the saying goes, no lead is safe until the final second ticks off.


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