WWE ‘Battleground’ results: Did John Cena retain the title?

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns takes to the air to attack Kane and Randy Orton.

WWE held its “Battleground” pay-per-view on Sunday, with John Cena in the main event, defending his title in a Fatal Four-Way match against Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Kane. The results of the show:

FANDANGO VS. ADAM ROSE: The Adam Rose act is just not working at all, unless they plan on using it to elevate Thea Trinidad, who appears as one of the Rose Buds, to the main roster as a wrestler. Summer Rae and Layla also come out as Rose Buds, much to the chagrin of Fandango, who lost in one minute to the Party Foul.

NAOMI VS. CAMERON: Two green wrestlers who have some potential, but the match was pretty bad. Cameron won with a schoolgirl.

THE USO BROTHERS VS. LUKE HARPER AND ERICK ROWAN FOR THE TAG TITLES: Another solid match from these two teams. This match was two-out-of-three falls, which led to the usual quick first two falls. The finish saw the Usos win after they splashed Harper together off the top rope for the pin. In commentary, they pushed that this was the last time these two teams would face each other, so you have to wonder what is next for the Usos.


Seth Rollins was being interviewed about his match with Dean Ambrose when Ambrose attacked him. Triple H came out and kicked Ambrose out of the building, apparently canceling their match.

A.J. LEE VS. PAIGE FOR THE DIVAS TITLE: Another bad match. They never really seemed to be on the same page in the ring. A.J. got the pin after the Shining Wizard.

RUSEV VS. JACK SWAGGER: Rusev won by count out when he escaped the Patriot Lock on the floor and flipped Swagger into the ring post. Not nearly as much heat for the match as there was for the buildup on TV the last few weeks.

SETH ROLLINS VS. DEAN AMBROSE: Rollins came to the ring and demanded that he be announced the winner of the match via forfeit. Ambrose, mysteriously back in the building, ran out and attacked Rollins again and they brawled to the back, so there was no match.


CHRIS JERICHO VS. BRAY WYATT: Jericho got the pin with a codebreaker, which seemed to surprise the crowd. Somehow, this feud with Jericho, which many thought would lift Wyatt to the next level, is actually cooling him off to some extent. 

BATTLE ROYAL FOR THE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: The Miz won the title by hiding outside the ring the whole match. It looked like Dolph Ziggler had won it when he eliminated Sheamus, only to get tossed out himself when Miz snuck back into the ring.

JOHN CENA VS. KANE VS.  RANDY ORTON VS. ROMAN REIGNS FOR THE WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Cena retained the title when he gave Orton the Attitude Adjustment onto Kane,  and then pinned Kane. There was a loud chant for Daniel Bryan during the match, and they kept Reigns strong, as he is the chosen one for the next mega push around WrestleMania time.

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