Grammys 2015: Cleavage overload

Cleavage-y outfits at this year's Grammys tested the limits of double-sided tape

This year’s Grammys fashion may have been pretty tame, but the cleavage was out of control.

It’s as if the stars on the red carpet said, "I’m going to play it safe, maybe even wear long sleeves, but I’m gonna let the girls go wild."

From Madonna’s push-up matador corset, to Kim Kardashian’s open-to-the-waist Jean Paul Gaultier robe, to Lady Gaga’s slit-down-to-there silvery sequin column, this year’s Grammys outfits tested the limits of double-sided tape.

And while Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé may have been wearing classic black dresses, their bosoms made a statement that was hard to ignore.

Taylor Swift and Rihanna were a breath of fresh air, if only because their covered-up looks left something to the imagination.

It’s not that I’m being prudish, it’s just that the plunge front has been done. And done. And done. Now before the Oscars, let’s agree, enough already!

Even Kanye West was sporting some man cleavage, wearing a black velvet tux with no shirt underneath.

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