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Rep. Darrell Issa endorses Donald Trump

Rep. Darrell Issa endorsed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in a statement Thursday afternoon.

"Hillary Clinton makes it clear she's running for Barack Obama's third term in the White House with nothing but a different name on the door," the Vista Republican said. "That makes our choice all the more obvious. Eight years of an arrogant administration and continuous corruption is a long time — and it is long enough."

On CNN's "New Day" in late February, Issa compared Trump to Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, who lost after saying pregnancy rarely results from "legitimate rape."

"He was the wrong candidate and it wasn’t until later that they realized that somebody who wasn’t thinking about what they said, who was saying things that were off the wall brought down the party," Issa said of Akin. "Donald Trump could be a national Todd Akin if our party doesn’t coalesce behind a single candidate.”

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