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All is not peachy as Georgia's special congressional election takes a detour through San Francisco

The commercial plays as a blend of perky exuberance and conservative fever dream.

The characters are a fantasia of Left Coast lunacy: the earnest millennial, the retro-hippie, the girl in chunky glasses, the dude in dreadlocks. Together they happily praise higher taxes, a weak military and the virtues of one Jon Ossoff.

It may be confusing, especially for its audience in the Atlanta suburbs. With the sound off and flashes of Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge and a cable car, it could be a tourist promotion for one of America’s most enchanting cities.

But that's not at all the point.

The purpose of the TV spot is to tie Ossoff, the Democratic candidate in a tight Georgia congressional race, to the supposed depravity and twisted liberalism of San Francisco and its elected representative, Nancy Pelosi. The strategy is older than some of the actors involved.

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