Watch Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine revive the NBA All-Star dunk contest

The Air Canada Centre in Toronto was buzzing on Saturday night as the "Splash Brothers" — Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson — put on a three-point show that was good to the last shot. Thompson's Bird-esque finish had some suggesting the NBA should revamp the schedule and make the three-point contest the signature event of the night.

Well, Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine certainly slammed that door shut. 

The dunking duo brought the "long-comatose dunk contest" back to life, piling up perfect score after perfect score. The ties pushed the contest an additional two rounds to everyone's delight. 

LaVine got the final nod from the judges, but Gordon did a "yoga-dunk" that still has people scratching their heads. Watch the video and judge for yourself. 

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