Floyd Mayweather Jr., Warren Buffett appear ready to rumble in photo

Floyd Mayweather Jr. tweets a photo of him and billionaire investor Warren Buffett squaring off

It sure looked like a big-money bout for a second there.

Around 7 p.m. PDT Tuesday, Floyd Mayweather Jr., regarded as the best boxer in the world, shared a picture of himself and billionaire Warren Buffett in what looked like two men about the square off for a brawl.

At first, no information was given other than “Me and Warren Buffett at the gym.”

In the photo, it appears Mayweather is shouting at Buffett while the 83-year-old appears to be held back by people behind him.

But, no rumble was to be had.

Shortly after the first confusing picture was shared, another photo was shared from a member of Mayweather’s entourage thanking Buffett, who it seems is a fan, for visiting him in the gym while Mayweather trains for his upcoming September rematch against Marcos Maidana.  

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