Mandarin Garibaldi

Time 2 minutes
Yields Makes 1 drink
A Mandarin Garibaldi non alcoholic cocktail is on the menu at Kato restaurant in Los Angeles.
(Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times)
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The distinct flavor of Calpico, the Japanese cultured milk drink, and fresh mandarin juice combine to fruity-citrusy, tangy effect. The original Garibaldi cocktail features two ingredients: Campari and orange juice (proportion is everything). The key to any Garibaldi is its texture; it should be properly aerated for fluffiness, or froth. Here the combination of Calpico and mandarin stands in for orange juice, and the Campari is replaced by Martini & Rossi Vibrante nonalcohol aperitivo.


Put a small amount of crushed ice into a cocktail tin and add the Calpico concentrate, lemon juice, mandarin orange juice and Vibrante. Shake to slightly chill and aerate the liquid, then pour into a Collins glass with more crushed ice. If crushed ice is unavailable, shake briefly on ice cubes and strain into a Collins glass with fresh ice cubes.

Adapted from a recipe by Austin Hennelly at Kato. Calpico concentrate is available at some Asian markets and online.