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Ten movies we could be talking about at the 2018 Oscars

Over a dinner interview in November, “Moonlight” writer-director Barry Jenkins had a question of his own for me.

“How did you know?” 

Jenkins wanted to learn why, back in March 2016,  I put “Moonlight” on my list of “10 movies we might be talking about at next year’s Oscars.” 

I told him how much I enjoyed his debut feature, “Medicine for Melancholy.”

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The best picture show at the Oscars: the flub, the reactions, the blame

The mood inside the Dolby Theatre was polite but distracted.

“La La Land” was poised to take the best picture Oscar — after months of major awards, a coronation more than a piece of news. Nominees from the musical seated in the back of the theater swept to the front during a commercial break, poised to join the filmmakers and stars on stage.

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How did we get to the envelope gaffe? The great Oscar drama of 2017

The envelope debacle that stole the spotlight from “Moonlight”  at the end of the 89th Academy Awards ceremony sparked enough fury and fervor to cement the incident among the great Hollywood dramas of all time.

How did this happen? Who dropped the ball? What did the “La La Land” producers know and when did they know it? Was there a second set of envelopes from the grassy knoll?

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How a piece of paper crushed the Oscars

In the middle of the selfies and the on-screen tweets to President Trump and a thousand and one other whiz-bang technological tools to make the Oscars seem relevant to an audience with an ever-shortening attention span, the Academy Awards were betrayed this year by the simplest item you can imagine.

Yes, a piece of paper crashed the Oscars.

Not just any piece of paper, mind you. An envelope.

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'La La Land' producer on handing over the best picture Oscar — 'I just righted a wrong'

“La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz may not have the Oscar for best picture, but he does now possess a distinction uniquely his own.

“I got to accept the Academy Award for best picture and then, within five minutes, I got to present the Academy Award for best picture,” Horowitz told The Times over the phone Monday. “It’s not the worst thing. Nobody on the planet can say that — except me.”

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Movies like ‘Moonlight’ don’t win the Oscar for best picture — until they do

Movies like “Moonlight” don’t win the Oscar for best picture.

Movies about the conflicted desires of young gay men, captured with quiet tenderness and exquisite intimacy, don’t win the Oscar for best picture. (Just ask “Brokeback Mountain.”)

Movies that tell modest coming-of-age stories, light on dramatic incident but rich in emotional rewards, don’t win the Oscar for best picture. (Just ask “Boyhood.”

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