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With the Golden Globes' recent respectability, don't expect any surprises in the nominations

Where have all the weirdos gone in the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., the ones who’d nominate “Burlesque” for best motion picture or think that Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie both deserved nods for the complete lack of chemistry they displayed in “The Tourist”?

The last few years, the Golden Globes have been far too respectable. And where’s the fun in that?

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'Coco' an early Oscar favorite in animation and song races, where Cher and the Beast could also rise

Last Oscars, we had “La La Land” and Lin-Manuel Miranda. How do you top that musically? One possibility: Bring back Cher! (Bob Mackie outfit optional.)

Cher could very well perform at this year’s show should music branch voters give songwriter Diane Warren her ninth nomination for the Cher-sung “Prayers for This World,” which plays over the closing credits of the documentary “Cries From Syria.”

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'mother!' may I?: Five story lines to watch for in this year's Golden Globe nominations

Are you longing to see the “Big Little Lies” women reunite and don’t want to wait until the (now official) second season? Can you never have too much James Franco in your life? Are you one of the three people who actually enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence in “mother!”?

Then you might be in luck come Monday morning. The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.

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Oscar voters won't forget 'Coco's' 'Remember Me'

If you’ve seen “Coco” (and it’s closing in on $300 million at the box office worldwide, so perhaps you have), you might have left the theater with the song “Remember Me” stuck in your head.

Will the Oscars be humming that same tune next year?

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The gamble of 'Coco' and its strong cultural ties to Mexico pays off for creative team

Perhaps Disney/Pixar is playing with the house’s money, with billions in grosses and a boatload of Oscars. But for the animated gamble “Coco” to work, it had to hit a parlay.

Sure, the film had Oscar winner Lee Unkrich (“Toy Story 3”) writing and directing, but it was also betting on young and unproven co-writer and co-director Adrian Molina.

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Earnest scores enhance tales of outcasts in love, loneliness and loss

A common theme among the year’s best film scores is an almost old-fashioned earnestness. Perhaps in response to the darkness and trauma in the real world, many movies have abandoned cynicism and irony — and their scores have followed suit by being sincerely, even passionately heroic, romantic, melancholy or inspirational.

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