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Emmy Contenders: 'SOA's' Theo Rossi on head tattoos, naked push-ups

Theo Rossi, who played the emotionally troubled "Juice" on FX's "Sons of Anarchy," dropped by the Los Angeles Times' television studio recently and talked about the legacy of the violent biker drama, his roller-coaster story arc and what it's like to do naked push-ups on camera.

"The show started off as a family and ended as a family," Rossi said as he discussed working on the series, which ended last year after seven seasons. "We started out as the little show that could. Nobody knew who we were, and then there were little babies wearing onesies with the Reaper," he said of the motorcycle gang's symbol.

Other distinctive elements were the tattoos on Juice's closely shaved scalp. Rossi said fans of the show are often surprised when they see him on the street and discover that his head is tattoo-free.

Rossi said he felt lucky to play such a layered, complex character: "I got to experience every single emotion in every single character in one season. Every season there was a different emotional...

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Emmy Contenders: Wendi McLendon-Covey talks about her take on the sitcom mom

June Cleaver. Carol Brady. Beverly Goldberg?

Wendi McLendon-Covey, who stars as the overbearing mother on the '80s-set ABC family comedy "The Goldbergs," isn't sure that you can measure her larger-than-life character against sitcom moms of yore.

McLendon-Covey inhabits the role of Beverly Goldberg, who is based on show creator Adam F. Goldberg’s own mother, in all her big hair, shoulder-pad glory. When the actress stopped by the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday to discuss her role, she talked about not quite fitting in with her TV mom counterparts.

“When you say sitcom mom, I immediately go to Carol Brady or June Cleaver or Roseanne or Mrs. Cunningham,” said McLendon-Covey, whose onscreen husband is played by Jeff Garlin. “And my character, Beverly Goldberg, is so much more obnoxious than that. I’m not a mom in real life, so it’s fun to play one. I absolutely feel like I’m getting a glimpse into my mother’s world when I was growing up in the '80s and what she has to deal with.”

A pause.


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Emmy Contenders: Join 'Juice' from 'Sons of Anarchy' live Thursday

"Sons of Anarchy," FX's drama about an outlaw biker gang, rode into the sunset last year as the most popular show ever to air on the cable network.

One of the standouts in the sizable ensemble cast was Theo Rossi, who played Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz, the most emotionally troubled member of SAMCRO. Rossi's performance as Juice, particularly his tense relationship with Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), was one of the highlights of the series.

Rossi will be dropping by The Times studio on Thursday at 11 a.m. PDT to discuss all things "Sons of Anarchy," his feelings about the show and what he has been up to since the series finale.

If you have something you'd like to ask Rossi, leave your question in the comments section or tweet it to us using the hashtag #AskLATimes. See you Thursday.

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Emmy Contenders: Wendi McLendon-Covey live Wednesday at 11 a.m. PST

As Beverly Goldberg on ABC’s family time warp “The Goldbergs,” Wendi McLendon-Covey has brought the laughs (and painstakingly colorful gym outfits) to her character’s overbearing parenting ways.

The actress plays the matriarch on the “80s-something”-set comedy that is currently in its second season. And she’ll be stopping by the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday at 11 a.m. PST to discuss playing a sitcom mom based on a real person in the period comedy. 

The Wednesday laffer is part of an ABC family comedy block, sandwiched between veterans “The Middle” and the networks’ comedy golden child “Modern Family.”

McLendon-Covey, for her part,  is no stranger to the laughs — having appeared on “Reno 911” and in the big-screen hit “Bridesmaids.” And, pulling double duty on ABC, she also hosts the improv comedy show “Repeat After Me.”

If you have a question for the actress about her comedy turns, submit them on Twitter by using #askLATimes or by putting them in the comments section here.

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Emmy Contenders: Robin Lord Taylor's 'insane ride' on 'Gotham'

Robin Lord Taylor, who plays the sinister Oswald Cobblepot on Fox's "Gotham," dropped by the Los Angeles Times' television studio recently and opened up about the moody drama, his menacing character and his emotional connection to his screen alter ego.

Taylor talked about how the first season of the show that explores the origins of Batman and his many nemeses has been "an insane ride," although he had a feeling early into shooting that "this was going to be big" due to the vision of the creative team and the ensemble cast.

In the series, Cobblepot eventually transforms into the Penguin, and Taylor eagerly talked about his admiration for the Batman movies and previous actors who have played the villain, including Danny DeVito.

The actor also noted how Cobblepot's arc in this first season reflected his own personal and professional growth: "I was establishing myself and growing up, becoming an adult in a certain way. It was a really profound experience."

Watch the full interview above.


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Emmy Contenders: Andre Holland on the gore and greatness of 'The Knick'

Andre Holland from Steven Soderbergh's acclaimed medical drama "The Knick" dropped by the Los Angeles Times' television studio recently to talk about the show, its gory operating room scenes and his complex character, surgeon Algernon Edwards.

Holland shared the unusual way he made an audition tape for the role (if you were the honeymooners who helped him, please get in touch), the show's incredibly fast shooting pace and how his Alabama upbringing informed the way he played Algernon's outbursts of anger.

"That's something that Alabama taught me," Holland said. "Growing up black and in the South, there's a rage I think that can happen to a person and I think that comes from being overlooked, from not being heard, not feeling seen and it comes out in one way or another."

The 35-year-old actor also talked about playing Andrew Young in "Selma," a movie that, again, given his background, resonated deeply with him.

"Those two things back to back are like ... I couldn't have written a better...

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