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Emmy Contenders: 'The Fall's' Jamie Dornan found his inner stalker for some perspective

Jamie Dornan, who plays stealthy serial killer on the Netflix crime drama "The Fall,"  took extra (maybe, borderline illegal) steps in getting into the mindset of the tortured persona.

The 32-year-old Irish actor dropped by the Times on Monday for a live chat, and he found himself reluctantly revealing a tactic he used to better understand Paul Spector, the husband and father who moonlights as a psychopath serial killer with a fetish for tying up his victims before killing them.

"The first series, I did do a couple of things to try to get inside [his mind]. On the tube, which is our underground system" — Dornan began with his anecdote before stopping himself.

"Can we get arrested for this? Hold on ... this is a really bad reveal: I, like, followed a woman off the train one day to see what it felt like to pursue someone like that."

Dornan said he kept his distance from his target, and once she reached her stop, lurked behind her for a couple of blocks. And the resulting feeling was one...

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Emmy Contenders Chat: 'The Fall's' Jamie Dornan on Monday

He plays the devil in the details.

Before Jamie Dornan made his debut as kinky billionaire Christian Grey in the big-screen adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey," the 32-year-old Irish actor was playing another guy with a fetish -- one with a more deadly effect -- in the BBC's psychological crime thriller "The Fall."

In the Belfast-set series, which is also available to stream on Netflix, Dornan plays Paul Spector, a father and husband who moonlights as a serial killer who charms and seduces women -- and has a fetish for tying them up before killing them. 

And he'll be joining us for a live video chat on Monday at 1 p.m. PT to discuss the killer role, which finds him starring opposite former-and-upcoming "X-Files" queen Gillian Anderson, who plays the police detective charged with catching him.

It may just be a hunch, but we imagine Dornanites might have a question or two. Questions can be submitted on Twitter at #askLATimes or by putting them in the comments section here. And for those...

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Emmy Contenders: Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson bring 'Broad City' to our city

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, stars of the breakout Comedy Central series "Broad City," stopped by The Times recently to talk about their phenomenally funny show, which just completed its second season.

Topics of discussion included the stellar list of guest stars -- Amy Ryan, Seth Rogen, Patricia Clarkson and Kelly Ripa among them -- that popped up during the season, the movie they're writing right now (it's not for themselves, but some other lucky recipient) and what their "Broad City" characters might do if they found themselves in Los Angeles. (Jumbo's Clown Room and In-N-Out topped the to-do list and, yes, these New Yorkers know about the secret menu.)

We also talked about some of the series' more outrageous moments, well -- as much as we could, given that we don't have a three-second delay here at our television studio.

"We have very different moments when we're shooting that are the most terrifying for us," Jacobson says. "Mine are being naked and Ilana's are not being naked."...

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Emmy contender chat: Kit Harington declares: Winter is upon us

If you thought Season 4 of "Game of Thrones" was tough on the bruised and brooding Jon Snow — friends dead, girlfriend dead, White Walkers imminent — things are about to get worse. And for a man still recovering from an attack that included, say it with me, giants on mammoths, that's saying something.

Kit Harington dropped by The Times studio having survived Monday's San Francisco premiere, where he got to see fellow cast members, many of whom he has never shared a scene with.

"There are people who have been around for seasons that I haven't even met," he said with a laugh.

And, yes, he says, the rumors are true. Season 5, which premieres on HBO on April 12, gets even darker, especially for Jon. "Everyone's at their lowest point," he said of the first episode. As for any particulars (Will Jon ever leave the Wall? Meet his mother? Stay loyal to the Watch?), well, he can't say. "HBO snipers are everywhere," he said. He did hint that Jon needs to decide what kind of man he really is. "He...

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Emmy Contenders Chat: 'Broad City's' Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson just finished the second season of their insanely fun and ridiculously awesome Comedy Central series "Broad City" and what better way to celebrate than to visit the Los Angeles Times?

Actually, we're pretty sure there might be one or two other, preferred options of celebration and, judging from the joyful way these ladies go about their business on "Broad City," we're guessing they're well-acquainted with them.

So ... OK ... we're the ones doing the celebrating because Glazer and Jacobson will be joining us for a live video chat Thursday at 3 p.m. PDT.

We'll be talking about the recently concluded season, the smiles, the frowns, the ups, the downs, the time Glazer got busy with a tree and how the prop guy made the scene come alive (so to speak). And, of course, their friendship, which to the show's hardcore fans, is both a source of humor and inspiration. 

We'll also be taking your questions. Tweet us using #askLATimes or drop your queries in the comments...

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Emmy contender chat: Join 'Game of Thrones' Kit Harington on Wednesday

Last season, he watched his lover meet her death, took command of armies and sort of, kind of, made a new friend in Stannis.

One might say that Kit Harington has kept busy in the land of Westeros on HBO's “Game of Thrones” in playing Jon Snow, the bastard-born child who has grown into the nobly heroic Night's Watch soldier on the hit drama based on the series of books by George R.R. Martin.

And as one of the few “Game of Thrones’ stars who has not met a bloody demise on the show to date, Harington has a lot to talk about.

The 27-year-old Brit, who moonlights as a Jimmy Choo spokesmodel, will stop by the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday to take part in a live chat at 1 p.m. PT to discuss how last season played out and what’s to come as the fifth season gears up for its rollout in just over a week.

For those who wish to get in a question, we encourage you to tweet us using #askLATimes or drop it in the comments section on this page. Otherwise, just tune in back here to watch the conversation.

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