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'Love's' Paul Rust knows why the other table is always better at L.A. restaurants

Paul Rust, the star and co-creator of the Netflix relationship comedy "Love," describes the series' core romantic question as not necessarily "will they or won't they," but "should they or shouldn't they?"

The idea, Rust says, was to leave viewers questioning the wisdom of Gus (Rust) and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) getting back together in the finale of the show's first season. Will they last?

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'Game of Thrones,' 'Confirmation' and 'black-ish' lead our 2016 Emmys Buzzmeter
When Norman Lear gets with Chuck Lorre, the laughs are king

The man who changed television the first time around is 93 years old.

He lives in a big yellow house -- "sprawling" would not be hyperbole -- overlooking the wild depths of Rustic Canyon. Inside, airy rooms are filled with comfortable furniture, an impressive art collection and, as if on comedic cue, a barfing cat.

“Has he been doing that a lot?”

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Gillian Jacobs found 'Love' and the outdoors with Netflix

It was six seasons and a studio lot for Gillian Jacobs during her run on the beleaguered comedy "Community."  But when that door closed, Netflix swung another wide open.

Really, really open.

Jacobs' new comedy, "Love," takes viewers on the various phases of navigating the L.A. dating scene. And it does so by actually exploring the City of Angels.

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For the VR generation, the differences between TV and movies may already be irrelevant

The upcoming crime drama "The Night Of" would seem like a prototypical cable show — commissioned by HBO, airing for eight episodes, designed as summer appointment viewing.

Yet look beneath and a film beast stirs. "The Night Of" was co-written by Steven Zallian, an Oscar winner, and stars John Turturro; neither has ever been a key figure on a TV series.

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Why it looks like Chris Hardwick has been crying in those 'Talking Dead' teasers

Chris Hardwick takes his "Talking Dead" therapy duties seriously. If he could, he tells us, he would reach through the screen and comfort the "Walking Dead" community during those emotionally fraught times when a beloved character bites the dust.

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