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Idris Elba, Emma Watson, Ice Cube among 683 invited to join the movie academy — the largest, most diverse class ever

One of the most exclusive clubs in the world just got a whole lot bigger.

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Anika Noni Rose explains feeling the spirits on the set of 'Roots'

Anika Noni Rose, one of the stars of History’s acclaimed reboot of the slavery saga “Roots,” called her involvement in the making of the project a spiritual experience that profoundly moved her in ways she never expected.

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Riley Keough reveals her method behind those intimate scenes on 'The Girlfriend Experience'

As the star of “The Girlfriend Experience,” the sleek Starz drama about a high-end escort, Riley Keough (“Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Magic Mike”) interacted with a number of actors with whom she had to share much more than just dialogue.

“It was different, guy to guy,” Keough said of the multiple bedroom scenes when she stopped by The Envelope for a video chat recently.

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When an intense role haunts you, leave your wig behind, says Lili Taylor

In Season 2 of the ABC anthology series “American Crime,” Lili Taylor plays Anne Blaine, a struggling single mother who is horrified when she learns her son Taylor (Connor Jessup) has been raped during a drunken party by members of his private school’s elite basketball team.

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Kirsten Dunst is happy people are seeing her work in 'Fargo,' but wishes grandma could have, too

Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson were on opposite ends of the law in the second season of “Fargo.” But Noah Hawley’s acclaimed crime-thriller had a common effect on their careers, putting them back squarely in the mainstream.

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'Better Call Saul's' Rhea Seehorn sees a matching comb-over future for Kim and Jimmy

Actress Rhea Seehorn didn’t know that the second season of “Better Call Saul” would begin with her kissing Bob Odenkirk or that the relationship between their lawyer characters would turn into a romance so quickly.

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