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Buzzmeter: Emmys 2014

Modern audiences are enjoying the Golden Age of Television. This resurgence in quality programming leaves the Emmys in a quandary -- how to narrow down all the offerings to a handful of winners? It's a tough job, but our panel of TV-ologists is tuned into the buzz and giving it a try here.

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Emmys 2014: Transgender actress Laverne Cox makes Emmy history

"Orange Is the New Black" actress Laverne Cox knows her Emmy history. The self-described awards-show junkie even went online last night, checking out her Emmy chances on a predictions website, and went to bed thinking she didn't have much of a chance of landing a nomination.

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Outfest 2014 | The scene

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Chinese firm sues Paramount in 'Transformers' product-placement beef
Chinese firm sues Paramount in 'Transformers' product-placement beef

The management of a scenic park in southwestern China featured in “Transformers: Age of Extinction” said Wednesday that it had filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures and one of the studio’s Chinese partners seeking about $3.4 million in damages over what it says is a product-placement...